DrWEEE is a franchise model presented from ECO IIS LLC.CO. Leading pioneers in the field of electronic waste recycling, “Dr-WEEE” model flexibly designed to meet all market needs for E-waste recycling business which can be provided to match all business opportunities in this field which is based on a supply chain stages, as an every stage has its business opportunity that which push us to divide our franchise model to more than one model to be suitable for every stage so we prepared many turnkey solutions to achieve the highest quality and to maximize the profit

DrWEEE| Vision

To move forward and sustainable not only to maximize production efficiency through our latest technology that have the ability to get very high quality of material but it is also considering the environment as It’s a belief that everything we build and sell should have a positive impact on our society and our environment.  As part of this belief, we are devoted to ensure that our company, products, employees and suppliers follow socially responsible business practices.

DrWEEE| Mission

Through our experience in the field of waste management and franchising business we see that we sharing our experience and technology with our clients as a win-win model which is too short way of business specially the most rapidly growing business in the waste management the “ E-waste ” so our missions

  1. High volume processing of electronic waste deemed as unrecoverable and normally disposed off in landfill or burnt
  2. To provide the latest green technology
  3. To train our franchises regularly to make them always up to date
  4. Use our network as a helping to market and we can purchase end product from our franchises
  5. Changing human behaviors from intensively consuming to eco-friendly.
  6. Helping informal sector and illegal brokers to work green and saving their health which is make more profit instead of dangerous and toxic traditional methods which is waste high volume of valuable precious metal
  7. Providing our trading services to help our franchises to sell their products and we buy also
  8. Having a collecting points over the world which is helping to avoid the lack of the wrong shipping destinations
  9. To the occupational health and safety of our employees